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Mother Earth News and Friends

May 9, 2019

In this episode, we are discussing the practice of keeping chickens within your permaculture plan. 

Our Podcast Guests Include

Podcast creator and producer Charlotte Brunin is passionate about creating new ways to share the experience of MOTHER EARTH NEWS with the publication's "friends."  When she is not at her desk or enjoying one of the many Fairs, you can find her working on her own homestead to develop a more self-sufficient lifestyle.


Amy Woodhouse from the Sow Edible Podcast is joining us and using the Fair Studio for a few hours to record here in Asheville. Amy’s story started 7 years before moving to the farm when she decided that her biggest dream in life would be to raise her children on a sustainable homestead.   After much prayer, saving, research, planning, and lots of experimenting;  Her multi-generational household went on a search for the perfect property and began to break ground on their dream.

Jessi Bloom is a best-selling author, award-winning ecological landscape designer, and speaker. She owns N.W. Bloom EcoLogical Landscapes, based near Seattle, which is known as an innovator and leader in the field of permaculture, sustainable landscape design, construction, and land management. Her work has been recognized by government agencies and industry organizations and makes headlines in national media. She lives near Seattle with her two sons on their permaculture homestead, which is full of functional gardens and rescue animals.

 Patricia Foreman is a sustainable agriculture author, local foods activist, and popular speaker. She (and her co-presenter, chicken celebrity Oprah Hen-Free) has presented workshops and book signings at major national festivals and conferences across the United States. She is the author of City Chicks. To help “Chick Start America,” she developed the Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification course. Foreman graduated from Purdue University with degrees in animal science and pharmacy. She has a master’s of public affairs from Indiana University’s Graduate School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Here is a collection of resources that may pique your interest:



Books by our guests:

Chicken Tractor

Day Range Poultry

A Tiny Home To Call Your Own

An Introduction to Heritage Breeds

Creating Sanctuary

Everyday Sanctuary

Practical Permaculture

Free-Range Chickens

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