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Mother Earth News and Friends

Aug 8, 2018

Thank You, Great River Organic Milling  for Sponsoring this Episode!


This episode was recorded at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Frederick, Maryland with special guests Jill Nussinow, and Victoria Miller. 

Follow the links below for topics mentioned in the podcast that may have piqued your interest:

Amazing Amaranth

Amp Up Your Bread With Sprouted Grains and Multigrains

Growing Gluten-Free Grains in the Garden

Know the Different Types of Grain

What You Need to Know About Growing Millet

Whole Grains Guide

My Journey Home From Chemical Sensitivities

Jill's Books:

The Veggie Queen

Vegan Under Pressure

Nutrition CHAMPS


Victoria's Books:

Craft Distilling

From No-Knead to Sour-Dough

Pure Poultry


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