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Mother Earth News and Friends

Aug 17, 2017

 In this episode of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends, we discuss the considerations you need to take when you are building a chicken coop including where to keep the food, how to space the perches, and are automatic doors all they are cracked up to be!?


Thank you to Onduline for sponsoring this podcast episode!  We also want to thank Rebecca Nickols of Community Chickens for putting together this compilation of cool coops.

While you listen please enjoy these links and images showing the cool coops that we look at during the conversation!

1. The Chick Compound 2. The Chick Inn 3. The Cottage Playhouse *Pat's Favorite 4. Double Deck Chicken Coop 5.The Fort Coop 6. Pallet Coop 7. Pay it Forward Coop 8. The Porta Potty Coop 9. Recycled Counter Coop  10. Re Purposed Car Coop  11. Re Purposed Trailer Coop 12. The Rustic / Whimsical Coop 13. The Wicked Chicken Saloon, Mercantile and No Tell-Hotel

14. Build a Coop in an Hour

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